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CREDITING IS IMPORTANT to me. Really. I take time to make these. A little credit is fab, people, fab! Please credit me in the keywords when you take an icon. Or/And on a resource/credit page. Please do not steal my graphics or edit them in any way. Do not claim them as your own. Lastly, please TELL me what you take, when you take it. I'd love to be informed. Plus, comments are always nice. ^-^

ABSOLUTELY NO HOTLINKING. Seriously. It's lame. Save it to your computer and upload it someplace else.

[#] - Resources/Credits
[#] - F.A.Q (Not yet created)

Drabgraphics was created on December 22nd, 2005 by me, cannibalbunneh. I hope to learn, and develope a better knowledge for icon and graphic creation. As well as pleasing others by sharing my graphics. Most of my icons will contain musicians of many types. Probably a lot of you have never heard of. I will try to toss in a few 'popular' things. Movies, music, animals etc. If you have any questions. Feel free to ask until I have up a F.A.Q. Thanks! (Oh, PS - I'm not taking requests, sorry!)

Failure to follow these rules will lead to being banned from the community. I do get bored enough to check on things. :B